SEO Tip of the day: Heading Tags

What are Heading Tags?

Heading tags are your headline or content titles, these headings are important to SEO as search engines refer to a heading to get context of your title or headings. All heading tags are easily style-able with some basic CSS know how, I’d also recommend that you do make each heading different in some aspect also, while google and other engines don't care what it looks like, your visitors might, so its good to have some differentiation going on.   The following examples show how your headlines and sub-headings might look within a heading tag in with the H tags wrapped around them.


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What are Different Types of Heading Tags?

Notice in the example above we have three different heading tags (h1,h2,h3).  These indicate not just the size of the heading but also the importance levels we want to place on them.  To re-iterate, the main headline will need an "h1" code to give it the greatest importance and Google juice.  The main sub-headings, which are numbers one, two, and so on in the article outline deserve an "h2" showing they are next in line when it comes to importance.  The "h3" can be given to sub-headings under the main sub-headings.

SEO and Heading Tags

So why does this help with SEO? when then the importance of a heading is established with HTML heading tags, you're actually making it easy for the search engine robots to determine what your web page is all about.  The search engine doesn't have to guess at it.  It can see exactly what your main topic is and place you under the appropriate keywords so your potential customers will be able to find you in your search engines, however this does not mean you should go creating h1’s ever where you will quickly see your site head in a sharp decline, its important to only mark relevant information in the correct tags.

Heading Hints for SEO

When writing your headings, include your main keywords in the headings.  make sure you are as specific as possible to increase your chances of being listed in a reasonable spot in the search engines.  General search terms or keywords usually generate poor indexing because so many websites use them.  Use a research tool such as the one available here to find popular keywords in your field.


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