Installing Magneto on IIS7 - Windows 7 and 2008 Server

So there is quite a bit of fuss on the net saying that Magneto Ecommerce cant or shouldn't be run on a windows system, so I thoughts I would give this a go myself, and well my findings tell me that peoples claims seem to be quite misleading...let us show you how to install this web app on windows.
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The increasing importance of a mobile site

Australians are now more connected to the internet than ever before because of the Smartphone revolution, and its growing at an expediential rate. Is your site optimised for a mobile? If not why not? This post aims to address just some of the reasons as why a mobile site should be seriously considered. It is apparent that now more than ever with a wide market of smartphone and increasing mobile internet usage, Australian’s are more connected than they have even been in the past. Its als...
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Liquid & Colour Adjustable CSS Buttons

Wouldn't it be great if you could have awesome looking image based buttons, rounded, glass, web 2.0 looking without having to create a new button for each colour you needed. For example many sites might have different colouration for different sections or pages. Well there is a rather ingenious way of doing this using an image and CSS to do this.
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New Website Template Released

We have just released another great new website template to be used with DotNetNuke 5.1.x and 6.x, this can be purchased directly from snowcovered or from our website including all services!  This skin comes in 4 primary colours and is ideal for those looking for a minimalist but eye drawing skin. Used for any and all categories such as furniture, building, bloggers, interior and many more business applications. This website template comes with a BONUS free menu module that are is SEO fri...
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