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Add Language Translation / multilingual to your Website

A nice easy, elegant way of achieving a multi-lingual website without the work and complexity of having to maintain extra content in your CMS or Blog. Its now easier than ever to have your site translated, so you have a fully functional multilingual offering, so your not missing out on any of your potential audience. For those that use Google Chrome as your web browser, you may have already noticed if you go to a site that has something other than your primary language, chrome has a pop up aski...
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Getting the red exclamation mark when clicking Google Plus One button using DotNetNuke

The title speaks for itself, this is a guide for DotNetNuke users and admins out there, however the same thory can be applied anywhere. The title suggests it all, and if your here there is a good chance you are having this exact problem, if your symptoms and errors are the same as what I experienced then this should post should help you out, however lets run through the error’s I was getting before we get in to the solution:   Symptoms: click on your embedded Plus one button and y...
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