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Add Facebook Like/Send, Twitter and Google Plus buttons to your DotNetNuke Blog

Do you use a DotnetNuke Blog and want those sexy social buttons from Facebook, Twitter and Google +, if so look no further, you dont need a module to do this its only minuites of work, I will show you how to intergrate these buttons into your blog post entries.   Many have now started to embrace the big three social sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google, so its about time we add this social presents to our blogs and web pages, especially now with the SEO factors that social networking is h...
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Quickly kill connections to a database

A simple TSql script that will allow you to target a specific database to kill all of its connections. As a DBA, Sysadmin, or a Dev you will find the need to kill database connections to a specific database on a frequent basis, I know for may of our projects if I want to preform a restore, or we are about to preform some load testing, we will need to clear the database connections.
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Add Language Translation / multilingual to your Website

A nice easy, elegant way of achieving a multi-lingual website without the work and complexity of having to maintain extra content in your CMS or Blog. Its now easier than ever to have your site translated, so you have a fully functional multilingual offering, so your not missing out on any of your potential audience. For those that use Google Chrome as your web browser, you may have already noticed if you go to a site that has something other than your primary language, chrome has a pop up aski...
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Cross Browser Custom Fonts For The Web

Ever wondered how to get your own custom fonts on to a website, well this post will serve you as a great help, have a read and ENJOY! I remember back in the days when we could have fancy fonts for websites or if we did there were serious browser limitations, gone are those times. There are a few solutions getting around and the easiest of them all is CSS3, but lets face it still too many people are using only CSS2 compliant browsers, so that's not the solution of choice. Here is a CSS3 snip-i...
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