Mobile Website Development

The world is now more connected to the internet than ever before because of the Smartphone revolution, and its growing at an expediential rate. Is your site optimised for a mobile? If not, why not?

Many website are not optimised for to proplery rendered on a smartphone as they are on a full size computer, this means you could be missing out on a huge audiance because your website content is not properly formatted or optimized for a smartphone.

Unlinke many other providers of mobile web services Gentex prides them self on being able to provide you with an end to end solution meaing that there is little to no functionality loss between your mobile site and website, just some of these key differances are:

  Share your content from your website to your mobile site
  Maintain full e-commerce functionalty on your mobile site
  Easily update your Mobile site with no limitations, one CMS for both
  Prompt mobile users to use the mobile site, we dont force it upon them.
  We dont just focus on targeting the Iphone, we target all variances of the smart phone.
  We test our mobile web applications on all major platforms

Have you read of our blog post on mobile websites for more information.

Supported Devices
  • Iphone
  • Ipad / Itouch
  • Android
  • Android enabled tablets
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Blackberry