What is a CMS you ask? A CMS is a central place as to where you can manage all of your website content

While we are not restricted to a single Content Management System, if your a new user we would recommend that you use our CMS, our CMS is modular, powerful and simple. Even for the professional its simply hard to beat from any angle. If you have used other CMS platforms like Wordpress, Joomla or alike you will be blown away at just how awesome our CMS really is.

Site Maps are what are submitted to google and all other search engines to let them know of your content, new and old, you have complete control over these sitemaps, as there are likely pages that you don't want search engines to actually index, this can all be easily maintained within our CMS.
SEO menus, for those that are not aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it ensures that your menus in this case are in tip top shape, so that search engines can crawl and index your site (this complements the site map). 
Many websites become larger and larger over the years, this can make content become extremely hard to find, we future proof your website by implementing a powerful Search engine, which when search ranks your results by finding like phrasing and exact match's.
Forms are one of the most powerful ways in getting your customers or readers to engage with you over the internet, our forms module allows you to build your own forms quickly and easily without any restrictions.

Our Image galleries, don't get much easier than what we provide, simply browse for your images on your machine no matter the size, select and then upload, our module takes care of the rest.

It creates thumbnails and also re-sizes the large image to be web friendly, this ensures that speed is maintained at all times.

Blogs are a way to share facts, ideas and opinions shared from one person to the whole world This is a great feature to keep your members updated, and let them share there input on a topic or via comments.

Our blog module integrates with the popular Microsoft Live Writer, so you can write blogs while offline and publish as soon as your online!

You want video hosted on your site, but you don't want that Youtube water mark, well now you don't have to we provide you several different player types and you can embed your own NON watermarked video.

We allow for both flash based and also HTML5 for mobile devices

These sliders have become all of the rage and have replaced Flash sliders which were once all the rage.

Why Jquery? Simple really its mobile friendly, in that mobile phones can render this content while being able to show stunning slideshows that were once shown in flash slideshows only. An example of this is seen on our home page

FAQ's is simple a module that shows a question has the user select the question and the answer is shown, this is a quite useful in situations where you have a number of questions and quite an amount of content to follow each question, this module ensures that your FAQ'a are easily read. See our FAQ's for a view.

Socials benefits are really starting to be seen, and can be seen for three audiences for three separate reasons

Social gives community members quick and easy access to informative content, via Q&A and discussions. 

Social provides community managers with convenient tools to spot trending topics and manage users.

Business owners:
Your online community holds the key to customer satisfaction, along with future business.

This is a fantastic feature, this can be used for unlimited purposes some examples that this Calender can be used for is to show the public what your schedules or event times and dates are.

Another example, is that the calendar can also be used as a type of intranet schedule where only internal staff can see this where ever there is an internet connection, events can be used where members of the public can be allowed to register for an event, with a payment option integrated with Paypal.

We could spend hours writing up its long list of features that are eye popping, but we'd rather chat to you about them, and what is right for you, however we know you want to see some right:

Paypal integration
Payment Gateway integration
Easy Administration
Product Bulk Imports
Product Options and variances
Anonymous checkout
Wish lists
Category Filters
Variety of Shipping methods
So many more...

A powerful listing module, it is targeted toward real estates with Google map integration, forms asking for land size, number of bedrooms bathrooms, garages and the list goes on.

While this system is primarily aimed at real estates it can be quickly changed to suite any listings system such as a car yard, boating etc. 
Do you have retail or business chains that you want to be easily found buy a click of a button showing the user a customisable map of where your situated, well then this is the module for you.
We have customers that have used this system and based thier whole business around it. It allows users to register and add thier own business listing, in doing this it is fully integrated with paypal to ensure that funds are received with each submission. You can define specific packages and allowances for each submission + the addition of premium content.

For those that have used gumtree, this is similar in its function.
Do you find it difficult to help your clients and keep on top of everything? Well now you can get your clients to log any issues they are having to your website, the issue tracker then issues a reference number and lets you know a new ticket has been issued. All of this integrates with a database of your clients and necessary details and even custom fields if something is missing that's key to your business. Setup SLA's for clients and the issue tracker records all of these for you with convenient reporting
Our CRM Management is best integrated with the helpdesk system, this ensures that when speaking with your customers, you understand what recently support activity they have been advised upon, this can be treated as an up sell opportunity, very powerful
Now you can have the ability to email market to all your users, allow users to register on you website with as little as an email address, the ability to personalize a marketing email without having to actually type there name and email them individually.

Schedule mail outs, brilliant reporting functionality showing you who click on what link and when, giving you valuable insight into whats popular and whats not. Bounce back reporting so you can ensure your users are getting emails, and so much more!
We have several LMS Systems to offer, one with the basics of administration, tracking and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs. The other including the above but documentation, reporting while being SCORM compliant.
If you have a whole lot of documents and need some control and management over them we have the perfect solution for you. With this module all documents can be uploaded into thier respective folders, to which then can be controlled via granular permissions based on the website.
Through the online Job Management System, you can create new roles, having each position be easily applied for online. Each application generates an email to the person responsible for the advertised position as well as being tracked in the database of the module, for later reporting.
What we have listed above are what are commonly used modules, we have far to many modules that we have not listed.

If you have a particular use case, contact us and we will be sure to find something from out vast array of modules, if not we can build it!