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Once you have made a purchase, Gentex will be in contact with you within 24 hours of purchase and will scope out your exact requirements getting any required information to make a start on the website template you have purchased, once all information is supplied generally Gentex will have your website up and running within a 1 week time frame.
We will implement the site for you, using your logos and preferred images for banners (to make it your own). We ask you to supply in a electronic form up to 7 pages you wish to have on your website for example some of the pages might be called: Home, About Us, Services, Contact us.
We aren't just providing you with a template, we provide you with our services to implement the template on to your website and get it up and running on your hosting provider. Where as other sites offering templates are care free they give you the template and then your on your own, this is the Gentex difference.
No, these templates are used inconjuction with our CMS (Content Management System) offering, and will only work on this CMS.
Please refer to Template Package, to review the features that come with the template purchase, if you want more features we can add them on at additional costs, please review Feature Comparison and CMS Features for an over view on what we can offer you!
Because our prices are already rock bottom we do not provide you with a domain name with the template, however we can purchase this for you, on your behalf from as little as $25.00 but your more than welcome to register the domain yourself.
Gentex do provide hosting facilities for its all of its valued clients, however this service is not inclded in the already low pricing, however Contact Us today for a quote on our extremely competitive prices, however after being in the business for so long, we do have various affiliates that we can refer you on to to provide a range of options.
Most of the time you can re-use your existing hosting provider, however our CMS runs on the Microsoft platform, so this means your hosting provider must provide Microsoft SQL 2005 or better in terms of its features / functions, be sure to check with your provider, if you are unable to re-use your provider please contact us and we will be sure to help you find a provider right for your budget.
Yes, We ensure that when we release a site it is tested on all major browsers, this includes Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (8+) and Safari.
Like any of our website you have a warranty period on your site, this is typically 3 months from the implementation of the LIVE website, this covers any bugs or faults should any be found, however for the most part our code is mature and stable we have a great track record. In terms of how to support, Templated packages only include email support for the first three months. All other packages include phone and email support, also for a period of 3 months, there after only email support is offered ongoing free of charge.
Yes we can. We offer our customers the ability to lock in a long term contract in which the are provided blocks of hours in which they can be used for what ever the customer wishes, alternatively this can also be done on an ad hock basis in a pay as you go model.
The time will vary, temapleted packages can be turned around in as little as several days assuming all information has been provided, however custom designs will naturally take longer, the more modules, pages and functions you have purchased the longer the implementation takes, however typically our turn around time is 1 - 2 weeks.